Indoor Explorer Adventure

FUN on your own or in a team with a couple of friends or family members. You can even play with friends elsewhere if they have phone and computer!
Visit a virtual recreation of a local Museum and navigate your way around to help a forgetful miner find what he seeks.


Recommended team
size: on your own or with others

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Hunt for clues in virtual places

Solve clues and puzzles together

Perfect to race the leaderboard

Hunt for clues in virtual places

Solve clues and puzzles together

Perfect to race the leaderboard

Covid-19 Notice

This adventure was created as a fun Mystery Towns game to PLAY AT HOME during the Covid-19 crisis. This game uses virtual recreations of cool locations, whereas our regular outdoor games would take you all over town solving clues. These have either been suspended or modified from their original versions to remove interactions in pubs and other businesses, to remain outdoors, and to allow for effective social distancing. To learn more about our original adventures CLICK HERE

Please adhere to government restrictions regarding travel, self-isolation and social distancing when playing any Mystery Towns adventure. Once booked, your game will not expire, so if you are advised not to travel at the current time you will be able to play when safe to do so.

Your Challenge

This is a little teaser you can try from the comfort of your own chair. A forgetful miner is searching for something, and has come into the Canmore Museum for help. He knows that if he follows a trail of 5 clues he can find what he is looking for, but has asked for your help along the way. Are you up to the task?

Unlock the adventure by finding clues around the Canmore Museum using 360-degree photo technology – and finding hidden secrets and learning fascinating facts along the way. Do you have what it takes to complete the mystery?

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START LOCATION: Anywhere you like
START TIME: Any time
WHAT YOU NEED: At least one fully charged cellphone per team. In addition you will need a computer, laptop, smart TV or tablet with internet connectivity. See if you can complete the game without additional searching online.
DIFFICULTY RATING: EASY to MODERATE - a great test of teamwork.


“A really unique way to spend the day. I would recommend it to anyone”

Cassidy C

“What an amazing experience! It was a good way to learn more of the town I have lived in for almost 20 years. I saw a lot of things that I have never noticed before.”

Rachel A

“Took me to places that I had always passed by; it was a mindful walk around a beautiful town. Needless to say I am not on the leader board!”

Sarah L


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Get the App. Solve the Clues. Unlock the Adventure! Whether you’ve been in town for 20 years or 20 minutes, your Mystery Towns adventure will be a FUN, clue-solving adventure where your phone is your guide. Combining the fun of a scavenger hunt with the clue-solving challenge of an escape room and the added excitement of a race against the clock, it’s more than just a tour. It’s a brain-teasing voyage of discovery – and it’s your golden ticket to finding secrets even the locals don’t know.

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