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Mystery Towns Group Adventures

The perfect way to kick off a bachelor or bachelorette party!

from $79 per team

(we recommend teams of 4 people)

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Great local shops and pubs

Clues and puzzles to solve as a team

Perfect to race the leaderboard

Great local shops and pubs

Clues and puzzles to solve as a team

Perfect to race the leaderboard

The perfect way to kick off a bachelor or bachelorette party!

Start your day by racing each other in small teams as you navigate a series of themed clues that weave around town between drink stops. FUN puzzles will ensure plenty of laughter along the way!

How it Works

Teams will start from the same point with 2-3 minutes between departures.

Each team given a unique code that will activate a series of clues sent to the Mystery Towns App. Starting with a tricky puzzle, each team will have to work together to carefully read, interpret and solve the clues that take them around town – via a couple of pubs!

During the race, teams will visit local icons and hidden gems, interacting with businesses along the way, and requiring excellent teamwork to efficiently solve the clues. Correct answers will automatically generate the next clue, but beware – wrong answers and using the HINT buttons will cost time penalties added at the end. The fastest group rarely wins, but the team that works together most effectively almost always does!


GROUP SIZES: 8+ Players
PRICING: FROM $79 per team. We recommend teams of 4 people.
DAYS OF OPERATION: Any – business interactions may be affected on certain days.
START TIME: Start time will be tailored to your group needs – inclusions will be based on opening hours of partner businesses.
LENGTH OF GAME: Group adventures are designed to finish within 2 hours, but may take longer depending on length of time spent at break points. Most adventures include 2 or 3 stop points, usually pubs (may be excluded on request).
START LOCATION: Common start point, based on adventure selected.
END LOCATION: At the end of the game all players are directed by the App to a common meet point that can be customized to meet the group’s needs.
WALKING DISTANCE: Group adventures are designed to include 2-3 km of mostly flat walking. In some locations stairs and/or hills feature in the route. Please advise if your group includes players with mobility issues, as variations can be used.
WHAT YOU NEED: At least one fully charged cellphone per team (Android 4.4 or later; iPhone 5S or later). Dress for the weather, with footwear for flat in-town walking.
STAFF SUPPORT: Mystery Towns Staff are available at start and end points, as well as intermediate pub stops (at additional cost)


“The best way to spend an afternoon in Canmore. The whole family had a blast!”

— Luke R, Calgary

“Excellent! Started to race, but chose to slow down and enjoy the great destinations.

— Anthony C, Canmore

“We have lived here 20 years and discovered new places we didn’t even know existed!”

— Craig H, Canmore



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Get the App. Solve the Clues. Unlock the Adventure! Whether you’ve been in town for 20 years or 20 minutes, your Mystery Towns adventure will be a FUN, clue-solving adventure where your phone is your guide. Combining the fun of a scavenger hunt with the clue-solving challenge of an escape room and the added excitement of a race against the clock, it’s more than just a tour. It’s a brain-teasing voyage of discovery – and it’s your golden ticket to finding secrets even the locals don’t know.

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